Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Construction Progress

It has been a race against the weather as temps in Plain have been progressing towards below freezing levels.  Currently the high temperature barely lingers in the low 40s, and there is a mix of rain and snow predicted in the forecast.

With winter knocking at our front door, it is a relief to know that the roof on the winery is finally complete, and the windows are in place.  This enables us to keep working on the inside of the winery building while the weather outside does what it does best.

My brother Jacob has been helping with the electrical wiring.  (I have to say that it is quite nice to have handy family members like my brother who are skilled in construction trades.)  Jacob has recently helped my husband and I as well when we were remodeling our first home.

The bare bones and construction mess
of the Seattle home remodel
We found this when gutting our Seattle home-
surely a sign of our good fortune!
It was an old 1950s Seattle home with a bird's nest of outdated wiring in the attic.  We pretty much stripped the home down to its bare bones and started over with everything.  It was a daunting task that was made significantly better by the help and expertise of my brother.  He even wired for a hot tub that we cannot yet afford (although someday soon I hope!).

Jacob and his dog Jackson
Jacob has been staying in Plain while wiring the winery.  He sent me an excited text a week or so ago... "Plain Cellars is coming along nicely.  The lighting will be fantastic and the audio system is going to be rad.  The audio has 4 speakers in the tasting room, 4 in the production area, and 4 outside the patio.  The volume and source is controlled via iPad/iPod, plus it's tied to the Internet so it can stream anything.  You can have something different playing in each zone, so cool."  You can tell this man has a passion and enthusiasm for his job!

We intend to keep you posted as more progress happens inside the winery.  It is a real treat to finally see what my parents have been dreaming and planning for years finally become a reality, although it still seems a little surreal to me.  We intend to visit for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend, and I am excited to see the progress.

you can visit us at our website www.plaincellars.com